Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

Entryway shoe storage can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs, depending on your preference, but there is one thing for certain, nothing is more unwelcoming that finding a pile of scattered, mismatched shoes lying clumsily around your front door, ready to trip on.

A shoe rack bench or even a normal bench with shoe storage is a simple way of quickly creating compact and versatile storage space that not only looks neat and tidy but is also attractive and complimentary to your household décor.

Depending on the amount of space you have available around your entryway, you could make good use of it by having either a selected size cabinet, shoe storage shelves, a bench, shoe cubbies or even a hanging shoe rack organizer, but remember, that if you want all members of the family, large and small, to use it, then it has to be reachable to all heights.

shoe storageKeep in mind that it is not wise to grab the least expensive shoe storage organizer without making sure it completely meets your needs. It is advisable to check if it is of good quality material and that it is the right size to house to largest pair of shoes in the family because if the shoes don’t fit properly then it totally defeats the idea of having it in the first place.

An entryway shoe storage bench, you’ll find, is often made out of wood, either cedar, pine or oak, which is not only sturdy but often blends in very nicely with the rest of your furniture. You can also get painted, plastic or metal ones too if you have a more contemporary look and feel to your home.

There are certainly hundreds of designs and styles to choose from and it can all be done for the comfort of your home too and depending on your budget it is worth remembering that taking care of your entire family’s shoes will certainly add more sustainable value in the long run. More Info On Entryway Shoe Storage

Rattan Storage Baskets

The flexible Rattan strands that are weaved into the Rattan storage baskets and all their stylish furniture are not only exquisite looking but extremely durable and long lasting. They originate from Africa as well as part of South and South East Asia. These renowned wicker strands are woven into tight weaves to form furniture such as seating, tables and even Rattan storage baskets.

You will find that the Rattan range of furniture is most desired by people for use in their glass or summer outhouses, although can ideally be used in any room in the house. They have adjustable, winding shapes which hold onto the contours of the body and as well, a compressed wicker weave base for durability. The modern designs are noticeably practical and really relaxing as well as being beautiful and inviting.

rattan storage baskets

Rattan Storage Baskets

Rattan furniture, by contrast, can have many practical advantages and uses such as the straight up dining chairs placed around a family dining table. Others place rattan furnishings in their conservatories. This can be in the image of a cubed, basket-style lounger including sofas. They are second to none for people to lie back and relax on.

Rattan storage baskets and furniture is suitable for every room in the house. You could if you wish put a circular wicker chair in the bathroom or bedroom to place clothing on while bathing. Rattan storage baskets are ideal for a child’s bedroom. The baskets are usually fashioned into sturdy, maneouverable drawers which can double up to hold the toddler’s clothes and toys.

This type of furniture doesn’t seem to age and tends to suit many genres and decor, from Victorian to Art Deco designs. It looks terrific when used in tandem with Tiffany lampshades, as seen in many American diners. It also livens up country style bathrooms with its beautiful homely wood effect

Plain mirrors with blank frames or beautiful designs placed on the walls can reflect the cool lines of rattan furniture. They constantly make any room look larger as well as neat, ensuring your home is so much more pleasant and relaxing. Visitors to your house will feel it even more when they see the styles of rattan furniture so artistically displayed.

Stylish Rattan Storage Baskets For Your Home

These Rattan storage baskets are simplistic, but elegantly designed as a 5 basket storage unit that can be used for just about anything from shoes and books to clothing.

Product Features

  • Helpful storage for any room in the house
  • Two large baskets and three small
  • Made with engineered wood, wood, wicker, and fabric


Rattan storage baskets and furniture are not only very popular, but is also easy to acquire through many online stores and retailers. More Info On Rattan Storage Baskets…

rattan storage baskets

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Wooden Storage Bench, Walnut

Create added storage to your hallway with this attractive and functional Winsome wooden storage bench. Simple, sturdy and sporting a rich antique Walnut finish. Winsome Wood’s solid-wood entryway storage bench combines economical pricing with a versatile casual style. The oversized seat features low, raised sides and may be topped with a comfy cushion or left bare to show off the attractive grain.

Below, two deep shelves stow anything from books and magazines to baskets full of hats, mittens or shoes. Simply designed with inset side panels, subtly carved legs and curved accents, this wooden storage bench has a rustic, inviting feel that’s sure to warm up the decor. It measures 40 inches wide by 14.2 inches deep by 22 inches high.
wooden storage bench

  • Storage hall bench combines attractive casual styling with sturdy construction
  • Crafted of solid wood with Antique Walnut finish
  • Oversized top, inset side panels, and carved accents
  • Assembly required
  • Measures 16.4 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 56 inches high
  • More Info On Wooden Storage Bench…

wooden storage bench


Wooden Storage Bench – Keeping Your Home Clutter-Free

A stylish and functional wooden storage bench can add a great decorative touch to your home, whether its a contemporary seat and storage for your bedroom or a classic looking bench for your patio. The wooden storage bench can come as a large chest with a comfy cushion seat or as a simple set drawers for the less cumbersome items you’d like to store. With so many different designs out there, you could choose to have a high-backed bench if you are planning to have it up against a wall or just simply with cushions if you want to place it at the foot of your bed, for example.

Storage benches tend to be very popular in utility rooms, outhouses, entryways and in the bedroom. Rather than using up your closet space with weighty blankets a wooden storage bench not only allows that extra space, but also gives you a place to sit. If the extra closet space isn’t an issue, but you’d love to have the extra seating space in your room, then an elegant storage bench with drawers will compliment any bedroom.

The abundant uses for a wooden storage bench are endless, from storing shoes, boots, books, toys and various other clutter you find around every household. Many of them can also come with a rack or stand attached where you can easily hang your hats, coats, scarves and gloves, such as the Wilmington Cherry with Burly Entry Bench which tend to be very popular for front entryways. The Country Mission Oak Bench with drawers is a simpler style bench that would make a great addition to a less formal entryway. A two-door wooden storage bench is a great addition for a living room or bedroom for placing items you wish unseen.

Many storage benches are beautifully crafted with Beachwood, Cherry, Oak or white-painted wood. With the variety of styles, designs, elegance and versatility, you should have no problem finding one that suits your decor, tastes and needs. All of these benches will be perfect for tucking away anything that you are tired of having lying around.

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White Storage Bench – Half Cubby

This half cubby white storage bench is made of a sturdy Melamine covered wood composite construction with a 0.25″ back to add stability and features 6 large cubbies and one adjustable shelf. The cubbies and shelf can be placed on either side during assembly. The shoe cubby bench has rounded corners on top for safety. Large cubbies fit most pairs of shoes so no need to try and stack them in.

This white storage bench has a durable surface that won’t scratch easily. Organize any room in your house or office with this functional bench as it can actually be used for many different applications. Use it in the office to keep supplies organized. Use it in a child’s room to keep toys or clothes in order. The possibilities with this white storage bench are endless. Each person in the family can have their very own space or spaces to keep their things.
white storage bench

  • Available in Black, White, Golden Oak, and Walnut
  • 6 Cubbies Measuring 5″H x 9 3/4″D
  • 1 Adjustable Shelf on Other Side
  • Size: 20.75″H x 45″W x 15″D
  • Made in USA
  • More Info On White Storage Bench…
white storage bench


White Storage Bench For Your Entryway

An entryway white storage bench is the perfect place for visitors to remove their shoes if you have a strict no shoes policy inside the home. Some of these storage benches can also come with attached coat racks which can double up for storing your coats as well as your shoes, etc. Whatever the need for an entryway, a bench is surely the answer.


Before you go shopping for an entryway or white storage bench, start by thinking about what kind of uses it will see. If all you want is a small place for guests to remove their shoes, then you probably will need a small, plain entryway bench with cubbies such as the one above. If the bench has to serve as storage, a coat rack, or all of the above uses, then you will need something larger and more ample.

Remember To Measure!

After you spend some time visualizing your white storage bench or the perfect entryway bench, then it is time to get out the measuring tape. Entryways are typically very small spaces, and the only way to be able to purchase a bench that will fit without crowding the space is to measure. Make sure to open the front door and measure the space that is left with the door standing open.

Many people forget to factor in the amount of space the door needs to actually open, and they end up with a bench that blocks the door somewhat. Measuring is also important so that you can make sure that the depth of the bench does not take up too much room in the small space. Make sure that there will also be room to walk.

Style And Color

A white storage bench tends to be the most popular in the entryway as it is fresh looking and often matches the white trim and walls surrounding this high traffic area.

An entryway white storage bench is the first piece of furniture someone will see when they come over to your home. Also some people who never even come into the house will see the bench when they come to the front door. You want the bench to evoke your own personal sense of style, and it should be something that is very attractive, yet functional.

Also be sure to look for a bench that is very sturdy as it will probably be bumped and jostled around a lot, so a sturdier bench will be able to stand up to that abuse much more easily. When in doubt, choose a heavier bench rather than a lighter bench because you can rest assured that the bench is of a higher quality.

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Cubby Shelf with Coat Hooks – Sonoma Storage in Black

This intelligent and practical cubby shelf with coat hooks is well suited for any front hallway, mudroom or home office. The three storage compartments are ideal for hats, gloves and schoolbooks while four large hooks accommodate coats & jackets.

Comes with our easy to install, two-piece hanging rail system and is an ideal companion piece for the Cubbie Bench. This Sonoma storage unit is constructed from a combination of high quality, laminated composite woods with an attractively profiled MDF top.
cubby shelf with coat hooks

  • Stylish and functional storage shelf for an entryway or mudroom
  • Constructed from high-quality laminated composite woods with MDF top
  • 3 cubbies for stashing purses, hats, and gloves; 4 double coat hooks
  • Coordinates with matching Sonoma cubbie bench
  • Assembly required; 48 inches wide by 16-1/2 inches high by 11-1/2 inches deep.
  • More Info On Cubby Shelf With Coat Hooks…
cubby shelf with coat hooks


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Cubby Shelf With Coat Hooks, Entryway Cubbie Shelf Reviews

Mary Ann Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars
economical and wonderful

If you’re looking for just one product to turn an underutilized area into an efficient mud room, this is it. Sturdy, good looking, and well designed, this one purchase transforms the mess on the floor into a neat, well organized entryway.

Kylie Cirioli

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great organizer

No longer are keys floating around the living room or jackets hanging on chairs. This cubby shelf with coat hooks has made our living room more organized and more appealing to look at. I would reccomend buying the shelf with the matching bench. They work well together.

S. Penello

5.0 out of 5 stars

Love it, love it, love it! It was easy to assemble about an hour and it’s so sturdy! IT looks really nice and I also bought the cubby seat to go with it. I am so happy with this purchase and have had numerous compliments from people who see it!

Suncast Storage Seat

Suncast storage seat is ideal for those apartment-sized green thumbs! When you don’t have a lot of space, organization is key. The Suncast garden storage seat is an ideal way to keep your gardening tools easily accessible when working on your balcony flower boxes, potted herb garden or tomato plants.

This useful storage box also gives you a spot to sit while you’re getting you hands dirty! Can also be useful for holding driveway salt, ice scrapers, gloves and other winter gear in your home’s entryway or porch… or use it to keep all your grilling tools in one spot;

suncast storage seatMade of durable resin construction with stay-dry design to keep contents from getting soggy. Taupe color will suit all sorts of styles and tastes. Measures 22 x 22 x 17″, 22-gallon capacity.

  • Storage seat for holding yard, garden and recreation accessories
  • Flat panel, Wainscot design in taupe
  • Easy 5-minute, assembly (no tools required)
  • Stay-dry design; durable resin construction
  • Measures 24 by 22 by 17 ½ inches (W x D x H)
  • More Info On Suncast Storage Seat…
suncast storage seat


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Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat Reviews

Jeffrey F. Albert “Wyealbert”

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Product

I needed a small storage seat to place next to my hot tub. It is great for storing chemicals, etc. and provides extra seating on the deck.

Buddy and Mini’s Momma

5.0 out of 5 stars
Perfect for apartments!!

I put this on my small patio, and it is great! It will not hold a large amount of items, but will hold many small items, for example, you could fit a 50 ft. hose, watering can and a couple chair pads, and some rope. It is so simple to put together, a couple quick snaps and your done! No nuts or bolts, but sturdy enough to hold my 245 lbs. husband! I actually bought this at a local Target store, and this is the best price.

K. Levin

4.0 out of 5 stars
Performs its function appropriately for the price

Though this is not a toy box (by which I mean it does NOT include safety features like air holes), it was a cheap solution to my toddler’s accumulation of messy looking toys in the backyard. I didn’t want to carry dirt-encrusted toys into my house, and I couldn’t stand to look at them any longer.

This suncast storage seat comes flat. I assembled it myself in a few minutes without tools. It takes heavy pressure to pop the pieces together, but an average woman like myself can manage it. It looks fine, but it is not perfectly square and smooth. The plastic sides are thin enough that they can flex a bit and be slightly bowed.

The lid is not hinged. It simply sits on top of the box. The lid is not water-tight. If you store it in the open outdoors, objects inside will get wet/damp when it rains. For plastic toys, this hasn’t been a problem for me.

An average size adult can sit on the lid and use it as a bench. It is only wide enough for one person. I don’t know the maximum weight limit, but we’ve put about 175 pounds on it.

I like it well enough that I’m considering getting a larger (wider) suncast storage seat like this for our front porch to hide a snow shovel and sand in the winter, and our beach toys and broom in the summer. I’m trying to find one assembled in a store to check out first, however, because a larger bench could be dangerous unless it is built a bit more sturdily than this small one.

Over The Door Shoe Rack (Whitmor), White, 36-Pair

The White Resin 36 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack is perfect for Women’s and Men’s high top boots and tennis shoes. When people think of an over the door shoe rack, they usually imagine a tatty and worn plastic sheet with vinyl pockets for shoes that hangs over the door of a bedroom closet. Yes, this is still a cheap and viable shoe storage solution that is available, but not all simple shoe storage solutions are unsightly. There are so many different styles of practical storage available now at stylish and affordable prices, that this 36-pair over the door shoe rack here.

over the door shoe rackSturdy plastic racks unfold to allow you to securely place shoes of any style or size, be it men’s shoes, women’s shoes, high heels or flats.

Over The Door Shoe Rack Features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable white resin sides
  • Nonslip coated steel bars
  • Holds up to 36 pairs of shoes
  • Nonslip door pads prevent scratching and hold the unit securely in place



over the door shoe rack.

This over the door shoe rack offers a great space saving solution by accommodating up to 36 pairs of shoes which are neatly stored on the back of your bedroom or hallway door, up and out of the way.

Hanging Shoe Rack Specifications:

  • Dimensions 8″ x 21.36″ x 76.50″
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs


over the door shoe rack
For versatility and reliability, this over the door shoe rack is strong and light weight and comes ready to hang on any door.

  • Foldaway bars for versatility
  • This shoe rack storage has no tool assembly
  • Wipe Clean
  • Clean lines
  • Measures 8 inches by 21.36 inches by 76.50 inches; weighs 6.6 lbs.
  • More Info On Over The Door Shoe Rack…


over the door shoe rack


Over The Door Shoe Rack And Shoe Organizers

If you assume that a closet shoe organizer is the only item available for organizing your footwear, then this is not so. There are a range of assorted shoe storage solutions. Some of the most popular ones around are also very affordable too. Wearing footwear is something everyone has in common but when we get home after a day out, where do all the shoes, boots and sandals go?

If you are finding your footwear is ending up strewn all over the place and you end up struggling to find them again when you need them then consider getting yourself an over the door shoe rack or organizer. This type of handy shoe storage will help you keep all your footwear in an organized place. It will also assist to lighten stress levels as you don’t have to waste your time digging through chaos every time you are getting ready to leave the house.

This can be especially helpful for people that like to collect shoes. These are many people that need to have a way to organize their ever growing collection of footwear. A shoe organizer, in general, can be made of wood, plastic, canvass or even metal. There are different types of organizers you can even use in your closet. Here are just a few to mention.

Over The Door Shoe Rack

Hanging shoe racks are usually draped over the door of the closet. This can be an ideal way to keep your shoes organized and out of sight. They usually come ready to hang and not that expensive. Some have retractable bars to allow shoes of all different sizes. These types of hanging shoe racks are in fact very affordable and require no tools to assemble.

Underbed Shoe Racks

Underbed shoe racks is a great and convenient option for people with limited closet space and have a lot of out-of-season or seldom worn shoes. For now, there are two types of underbed shoe racks. First is the one that rolls for easy access and the other one are covered to tend your shoes from dust, grunge and scratches.

Free Standing Shoe Racks

A freestanding shoe rack is an ideal choice for those who have the space and the shoe collection. There are some freestanding shoe racks that can accommodate quite large collections of shoes. Others allow quick and easy access, and like the over the door shoe rack, requires no installation.

Shoe Cabinets and Cubbies

This type of cabinet and cubbies are ideal when you want a designated, specific space for your shoes although these can be slightly expensive than some of the other options. Cubbies or cabinets that include doors also offer great protection to your footwear. A closet shoe organizer can be very helpful if you want a way to clean up the clutter of shoes around your home and bedroom. Most of these can be installed without requiring many tools.

With your over the door shoe rack or cabinet, cubby or organizer, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by being able to quickly find the exact pair you want.

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Shoe Cubby Storage – Black Storage Bench

Organize your closet, entryway, or mudroom with this shoe cubby storage bench, which is also great for organizing other items around the house!  The twelve storage cubbies measure 5″H x 10″W; large enough to slide a pair of shoes in with ease. Constructed of melamine covered wood composite.

The main supporting parts are 3/4″ thick with the back being 1/4″ thick, making this a very durable furniture piece. The top outside corners of this black storage bench are rounded for added safety. Made in the USA! Weight limit is 175 pounds. Assembly level/degree of difficulty

shoe cubby storage
Shoe Cubby Storage Features: –

  • Made in USA. –
  • Assembly required. –
  • Main supporting parts dimension: 0.75”. –
  • Cubby dimensions: 5” H x 10” W. –
  • Overall dimensions: 24” H x 45” W x 15” D.
  • Size: 20.75″H x 45″W x 15″D
  • 12 Cubbies Measure 5″H x 10″W
  • Melamine covered wood composite.
  • Available in Black and White.
  • More Info On This Shoe Cubby Storage…
shoe cubby storage


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How to Select an Entryway Storage Bench

Considering purchasing an entryway storage bench to complement to your home furnishings? Buying one of these storage benches will improve the flare and a finicky touch to every entryway or hallway. There are a selection of entryway benches that will suit your needs and lifestyle. Not only do they combine style toward your residential home, but an entryway storage bench provides a great purpose.

A hallway or entryway storage space bench can serve as dual objective home furniture. It can provide a convenient place to sit down and additionally to put away your shoes. It furthermore comes extremely helpful when you have to linger for other members of family unit to get arranged prior to you proceed out. For the paramount seating surface you ought to consider one that is available with a seat cushion. You ought to think the area that an entryway storage bench will go so that you be able to settle on if you want a large dimension one or a small bench.

An entryway storage bench will add not only storage area, but in addition an area where your family members or visitors be able to sit. In fact an entryway bench does not have to merely be located next to your front entry. You are able to place one anywhere around your residence. You can even use a bench under a windowpane in your living or family room as an added seating spot. Many individuals like to possess a wood storage bench located within their bed room next to their bed as area to store up their recurring clothing.

When it’s point in time to buy for a entryway storage bench you will become aware of that there are a lot of distinct kinds. Different kinds of materials are used to make a storage bench designed for entryway. In addition you can choose which type and finish you would prefer to purchase to match up your house flare. Several come in customary styles at the same time as well more contemporary types.

A number of of the common styles that an entryway storage bench come in are in wood, leather-based, wicker as well as metallic. You will also want to figure out if you prefer one that has a flip-top, has rack or basket, or ones that have drawers within them. It is best to shop around and find a plan of what qualities are more fitting to you.

These storage benches are not only versatile, but also augment attractiveness toward your home. They give your company with a easy location to leave their boots and shoes or stock up their gloves and umbrellas when they come into your home. An entryway storage bench can provide the greeting for every company as well as keeping your items organized.

Find the best deals ond reviews on an entryway storage bench by visiting http://entrywaystoragebench.net

Bamboo Shoe Rack

Organize your shoes in style with the Deluxe 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack. The shelves can be adjusted to lay flat or tilted. That gives you the option of using the top shelf as a place to set down your purse or bags in the entryway.

Bamboo is moisture resistant, making this shoe rack a good place to let wet shoes dry off. Use in the closet or in a mudroom as shoe storage. This Honey-Can-Do Bamboo Shoe Rack is easy to clean and also eco friendly since bamboo grows quickly and is therefore a renewable resource.
bamboo shoe rackComes with a natural finish. Assembly level degree of difficulty: Easy.
bamboo shoe rack

  • 3-tier shelf for shoes; approximately 3 feet wide; less than 2 feet high
  • Made from fast-growing bamboo for reduced environmental impact
  • Slatted surface is attractive, durable, and naturally moisture resistant
  • Holds approximately 9 to 12 pairs of adult-size shoes
  • Wipes clean; easy to assemble; available in 2-tier and 3-tier models
  • More Info On Bamboo Shoe Rack…



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Solve Your Storage Problems in High Gloss Style

Is your home looking more like a jumble sale than a show flat? Do you dream of a clutter-free, minimalist home where everything has its place, but in reality despair at your cramped and disordered home? Most of us in the UK have very limited space in our homes; storage is a real headache and the only solutions seem to be Swedish, flat-packed and somewhat lacking in style. Despair no longer! Trendy-Products.co.uk, the home of beautiful and functional contemporary furniture, can save your storage problems in high gloss style with the exclusive and super-chic Italian Storage Range.

Most of us have a woeful lack of space in our homes. Coats are left on backs of sofas when we walk in the door, or else have to be squeezed into a bursting wardrobe, and shoes are shoved in the dark and inaccessible depths of our wardrobes. Our compact lounges have to accommodate tables and seating, TVs and entertainment systems, books and magazines…the list is endless and the resulting look is often confused and claustrophobic.

Until now, there was little you could do about it given the frustrating lack of choice when it came to storage solutions; certainly without spending fortunes or sacrificing style. But what if you could tidy away all your clutter, add some stunning high gloss pieces of modern furniture and create huge swathes of space in your home at the same time, all without breaking the bank? You can, thanks to the ingenious and stunning Italian Storage Range and those helpful folks at Trendy Products.

The Italian Storage Range features a huge choice of versatile pieces that are designed to bring sleek, stylish beauty to your home while at the same time solving storage problems and creating space; a god-send for compact British homes. The range is mix and match so you can choose whatever space-saving pieces you need and they’ll not only match each other, but their subtle choice of finishes are designed to fit into just about any decoration style. The Storage Range is also purposefully compact, designed to be able to fit into corners, flush against walls or behind doors, maximising the space of the room without cluttering and yet with ample space to hold TVs or store coats and shoes.

Take a browse through the range at www.trendy-products.co.uk and some pieces may seem familiar. That’s because the Contemporary High Gloss TV Unit and the Contemporary High Gloss White Dining Table and Chairs were featured in the Channel 4 Home Show with architect and lover of high design, George Clarke.

Other highlights from the range include the Entrance Hall Wardrobe in high gloss or the Entrance Hall Clothes Stand – or for very limited space try the Entrance Hall Wall Coat Hanging Rack. Available in a choice of finishes, these pieces create a much-needed sense of space in what can be the narrowest part of the home. Continue the organisation of your home with high design and beautiful Italian designer furniture in the bedroom. There’s the Shoe Storage Cabinet and the Mirror Front Tall Shoe Cabinet, providing a mirror and storage space in one: shoe cabinets so über-chic that no one would ever guess their purpose!

The Italian Storage Range also features contemporary high gloss white furniture and high gloss black furniture such as the dining table and chair sets, all with sleek chair designs that fit snugly into the table thereby maximising space, with some being extendable for extra flexibility. In fact the range is so extensive, there’s a solution for just about every storage problem out there!

Trendy Products is the only place in the UK where you’ll find the coveted and chic Italian Storage Range. They also stock lots of other space-saving furniture such as beds with lift-up mattresses which reveal fantastic underneath storage areas. View the entire product range at www.trendy-products.co.uk and say goodbye to clutter and hello to high gloss style!

Editor’s Note: Trendy Products is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider Media. Please direct all press queries to Louise Byrne. Email: louise@jumpingspidermedia.co.uk or call: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

Hanging Shoe Storage – For Shoes and Sweaters

You have two storage solutions in one with this hanging shoe storage organizer from Design Trend that keeps sweaters organized and shoes off the floor. Crafted from durable canvas in a natural color, the unit attaches to a closet dowel with a wide Velcro sleeve.

Three flat shelves hold approximately six mid-weight sweaters, while the lower square pockets hold up to ten pairs of loafers, heels, or flats (not really suitable for bulkier shoes). The shoe pockets are also useful for other personal item such as handbags, gloves and scarves.

This hanging shoe storage measures 12 x 50 x 12 inches, it only takes up around a foot or so of your closet rod and arrives ready to hang.
hanging shoe storage
Maximize your storage potential without sacrificing valuable floor space with this closet sweater and shoe organizer from Household Essentials. Slip multiple sweaters and up to 10 pairs of shoes in its smooth and sturdy canvas shelves.

The soft, smooth and breathable canvas protects and airs fabrics and shoes during short and long-term storage, so your sweaters and footwear remain clean and fresh. With an innovative new hanging system that can be used on any standard closet rod or wire shelving system, this unit transforms your closet into a highly efficient space.

Rediscover your floor, and perhaps a little drawer space, with this attractive trousseau.

  • Hanging shoe storage with 3 sweater shelves and 10 shoe pockets
  • Sewn from heavy-duty canvas and durable inserts
  • Attaches to closet rod with wide Velcro sleeve
  • Also great for jeans, handbags, hats, and accessories
  • Measures 12 by 50 by 12 inches (Model: 01822-3)
  • More Info On Hanging Shoe Storage…


hanging shoe storage

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