Hanging Shoe Bag, 10-Pocket Canvas

Hanging Shoe Bag And Closet Organizers

Keeping all your shoes organized in one place is certainly useful to quickly finding the right pair to go with your outfit. This way you don’t waste precious time digging through all your clothes and other accessories that get in the way. Different types of hanging shoe bag and closet organizers are available for your shoes.

The most practical and popular of all, due to its space saving properties, is the hanging shoe bag which can often hold up to 20 pairs of shoes, depending on the size you get. These also have far more creative uses in that you can store other small items as well as your shoes.
hanging shoe bagNot only are these collapsible to make it portable but they are also affordable too.

Another common type is the over the door organizer which simply hangs from the top of your door. These are normally made out of durable canvas material and have 20 pockets should you require that many. This way you can quickly access all your shoes in one place.

Besides the hanging shoe bag and canvas organizer described above, you could also get a shoe rack to place on the floor. Many of these can also expand or stack on top of one another to save you even more storage space.

Hanging Shoe Bag

Deluxe canvas 10 pocket hanging shoe bag. Get your shoe collection off the floor and out of the way with this handy hanging shoe organizer from Whitney Design. Built to store shoes at an easily visible height, the hanging shoe bag organizer features a single row of boxy storage units–ten pockets in all. Each pocket holds a pair of loafers, heels, or flats.

The entire hanging shoe bag attaches to a closet dowel with a wide Velcro sleeve and collapses for easy storage or transport. Sturdy flat surfaces at the top, bottom, and front edges of the pockets add stability. The unit is sewn from a durable beige canvas for an easy, natural look. It measures 12 by 50 by 6 inches, and comes ready to hang.

  • Hanging shoe bag organizer for up to 10 pairs of shoes
  • Sewn from heavy-duty canvas with durable inserts
  • Attaches to closet rod with wide Velcro sleeve
  • Sized for loafers, flats, heels, and sandals
  • Measures 12 by 50 by 6 inches
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hanging shoe bag


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Comments on Hanging Shoe Bag, 10-Pocket Canvas

plainvanilla11 @ 8:26 am #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by plainvanilla11 for Household Essentials 01822 Ten-Pocket Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag
This is a great little shoe organizer that helped eliminate the shoe clutter from my closet floor. Takes up little room, easy to put shoes in, keeps shoes visible from front. However, mine did break at the top, probably from too much weight. But, I liked it so much I’m back for a replacement. My only caution would be not to overload the shelves. Otherwise a great product!

purplestarshine @ 9:12 am #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by purplestarshine for Household Essentials 01822 Ten-Pocket Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag
This product is a real space saver in the closet. It fits sandals, loafers, and small dress shoes nicely. You just have to position the shoes as you would in a shoe box. Each pocket is about the size of an average shoe box.

RSCohn @ 9:45 am #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by RSCohn for Household Essentials 01822 Ten-Pocket Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag
I bought 2 of these shoe bags to get all of my shoes up off my closet floor. Most of my shoes fit into the pockets in pairs… a few of them needed separate pockets for each shoe as they were chunkier in style and had bigger soles. I even have a few slots left over for new shoes! Even with 2 of them in my closet, they don’t take up too terribly much room. Easy to get shoes in and out of. Makes my closet look so much better. I recommend this product fully!