Hanging Shoe Organizer, 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Canvas Organizer

Hanging Shoe Organizer, 20-Pocket Canvas Shoe Storage

Deluxe 20 pocket over the door hanging shoe organizer.


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Rather than being relegated to the garage, well-designed storage cabinets can find a place in any area of your home. They can serve a visual function of side and hallway tables, dividers between areas in a large room or display tables. Only you will know their true purpose. In a kitchen a storage cabinet can be used to hold serving platters, seldom used baking or cooking items or heirloom kitchen items that have been passed down to you.

You can use a storage cabinet in your entry way to store shoes, off season items or your child’s backpack and homework. In a living room, a storage cabinet can hold books and magazines, toys and games or home accessories that you don’t want to display at the moment. When choosing storage cabinets for rooms that you have noticed are difficult to keep clear from clutter, be sure to take inventory of the items you need storage for before you shop for storage cabinets. Take note of the measurements of any tall or oversized items that you want to store such as sculpture, vases or large books.

When you go shopping for storage cabinets, your first priority should be to find cabinets that will fit your excess items, especially those that are oversized or awkwardly shaped. Look for cabinets that have adjustable shelving in order to give you the most useful space within the cabinet. If you have a lot of excessive items, rather than purchasing one or two large storage cabinets, consider buying a few small to medium sized cabinets that you can arrange throughout the room, or place in a nearby hallway. Choose cabinets that are well-made and sturdy enough to hold up to a lot of use. Look for styles that are understated and will harmonize with the furniture in the rest of your home.

When you get your storage cabinets home, you can also use some of your excessive decorating items or keepsakes to create small tablescapes on the top of the cabinets, or hang a mirror or painting on the wall above it. If you treat storage cabinets just as you would treat decorative tables, they will fit seamlessly into the décor of your home. When good friends come over and ask you how you keep your home so beautiful, you can share your secret of using elegantly designed storage cabinets to hold the things you love. Or you can let it remain a mystery and keep that little secret to yourself.

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Comments on Hanging Shoe Organizer, 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Canvas Organizer

Kathlyn Storey @ 10:18 am #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by Kathlyn Storey for Household Essentials 01882 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe Organizer
Gee, it’s been less than two weeks from order to delivery, and the price has risen from about $10 to $15. I think this item is worth what I paid for it for my use, but here are the caveats. My shoe size is between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2. For sandals, I am actually able to get both of them in one pocket; for regular shoes, it’s one shoe per pocket. For women’s shoes over size 8, you are going to be pushing the shoes, literally, into the pockets. For men’s sizes, unless he wears a 7 or 8, you’d better forget it. My husband wears size 10, and the pockets won’t work well, plus the weight might be too much for the fabric this bag is made of. That said, this would work well for children’s shoes. This comes with three hooks that go over the top of the door. This item really is built for a narrow door, which is fine for my purposes. From other reviews, I was afraid that my door wouldn’t close with the hooks on, but thankfully it does…easily.

Baby Dove @ 10:46 am #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by Baby Dove for Household Essentials 01882 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe Organizer
Its stirdy, washable. I’ve been able to store my boots sideways. However the canvas is thinner than expected and the product’s finish is bad: extra thread falling from seams and the stitching of the pockets is crooked. So I had to find the pockets that were big enough to fit my size 8 women’s athletic shoes and designate the smaller pockets for slippers and sandels. Maybe I just got the defective one in the lot…don’t know, but I can live with it. Its behind the door anyway and not worth the price of shipping it back.

Lynn D. Corum @ 11:26 am #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by Lynn D. Corum for Household Essentials 01882 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe Organizer
This shoe bag is THE ONLY ONE I’ve found that actually fits a narrow hallway closet door. It’s durable, washable, simple, and the pockets are just the right size. One caveat: the over-door hangers do NOT permit the door to be closed, because of the trim. I attached my bag to the door using hooks instead. The sturdy grommets at the top of the bag make this an easy fix. Mine is stuffed with dog leashes, umbrellas, keys, tote bags, cellphones — all the stuff you grab heading out the door. It’s a lifesaver!

sweetpotater @ 11:31 am #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by sweetpotater for Household Essentials 01882 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe Organizer
When the item arrived, the packaging said it was 18″ — and indeed it was.