Large Shoe Storage – Craftsman 42-Pair Storage

Large Shoe Storage – Craftsman Shoe Storage With 2 Doors, 42-PAIR, Light Oak

After a long day at work we all want to just kick off our shoes the minute we walk in the door. If everyone in the house did this, the entryway would soon begin to look a little cluttered. A large shoe storage cabinet is perfect for accommodating the entire family without taking up any unnecessary space.

The main aim of a large shoe storage cabinet (like the one pictured) is to help store shoes in organized pairs and protect them from becoming tattered looking. There are huge shoe cabinets that can stock up to about 60 pairs of your footwear while there are also small ones that can pile up to 20 pairs of your footwear.

large shoe storageThese large shoe storage cabinets are found in either single or two doors design and available in various sizes and colors and are often made from hardwood like cherry wood or oak wood. Also the depth of the closet or shelving is normally two inches longer than the regular shoe size, avoiding any storage problems for people with larger feet.

In selecting the most appropriate shoe cabinet, it is always wise to identify how many pairs of shoes you will be actually storing. It is also useful to get rid of the footwear that you are not using anymore.

You can always check you local home improvement stores or various outlets online to find a large shoe storage cabinet. A variety of online shops have customer review which can be extremely useful to you in comparing shoe cabinets that will match you properly. Always make inquiries, check its features and do not forget to get the retail price of every item.

Large Shoe Storage

Keeping your shoe collection organized has never been easier than with the Craftsman large shoe storage cabinet. From the rich finish to the clean, versatile style and sturdy construction, this bedroom furniture offers lasting quality.

Try grouping this shoe organizer with other pieces from the Craftsman Collection for a coordinated look. Holds up to 42 pairs of shoes. Handcrafted of oak veneer that resists splitting and cracking. Cross-panel doors and cast-metal hardware add a finishing touch. Actual size is 2-DOOR 42-PAIR

large shoe storage

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