Shoe Storage Bench With Sliding Doors

Shoe Storage Bench With Sliding Doors, 60″W

Create a nice place to sit and take off your shoes in your foyer with this Richland Shoe Storage Bench. The drawer and cabinet space is perfect for holding gloves, hats, shoes and other items.

With a solid wood and hardwood veneer construction, this entryway furniture is crafted to last. Raised door panels and decorative feet add a finishing touch. Fabric cushion adds to the classic look.
shoe storage bench

  • Standard: 23″H x 42″W x 15.75″D
  • Wide: 23″H x 60″W x 15.75″D
  • Assembly required
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Question by dax: Portable, attractive, storage for foyer?
At my house, you just walk in the door, and bam, you are in the house….no entryway/foyer or anything. You just walk right into the dining room, where everyone throws mail, bags, lunch boxes, shoes, etc on the dining room table. It’s driving me nuts!

I am going to get rid of the dining room table and try to turn it into an entryway that looks sleek and organized. Any ideas on where I could find some sort of cool storage closet that looks nice? (Preferably something I could pick up a local retailer). So far I can’t really find anything. Price range is around $ 100.

Answer by saaanen
How bout a sofa table, or credenza, with a shelf on the bottom for baskets?

More About Shoe Storage Bench Cabinet

There are so many options of shoe storage cabinets in the furniture shop like the wicker and wood style shoe storage cabinet. You would want to get shoe storage cabinet if find hardly to manage your shoes. A shoe storage bench can be handcrafted of cherry wood or oak for resisting it from split and crack.

Some of these shoe storage bench cabinets are come with cross panel doors but also many of them without the doors. However shoe storage cabinets varied in quality especially on their materials. Generally the standard size of any shoe storage cabinet can capacitate maximum about 50-60 pairs of shoes.

Two drawers shoe Storage cabinet is a modern shoe storage Cabinet has 2 main shoe compartments. The compartment doors are furnished with black and mocha color finish frame. The melamine surface with the smooth shellacs provides the ultimate protection for these shoe storage cabinets. This nice and practical shoe storage cabinet can hold about 6-8 pairs of shoes and it is definitely exquisite to shoe storage requirements.

The cabinets are strength from against heat and scratches. This furniture is popular somehow of its extra compartments for keeping the shoes. This shoe storage cabinet is needed for families that have more kids. Normally kids might need more spaces for storing their sport shoes beside school shoes.

5 shelf shoe storage cabinets – with 2 upper storage bins is a large scale shoe storage cabinet that features 5 shelves for storing about 20 pairs of shoes. The shoe cabinets are made of wood and out of other wooden shoe storage cabinet, it is made of fine medium density wood for sanitary ventilation.

A shoe storage bench is measured perfectly for fitting any living rooms or closet. The standard materials use for the construct of the cabinets which inclusive of oak or cherry wood. These shoe storage cabinets are quite practical for career women as they suitable used for keeping high heel shoes.

Transformational Shoe storage cabinets are a fun quality and nice cabinet that modernizes the niche of shoe storage in the furniture market. The cabinet can store up to 36 pairs of shoes in a fraction of the floor space. The compartments of the shoe storage cabinets help protect shoes from dust and provide convenience for you to find shoe that you want.

A shoe storage bench is far sturdier than any cardboard versions with and white finish, easy clean on wood composite. The shoe storage cabinet is available with or without two sliding doors.

You may also find other unique type of shoe storage bench or cabinet in the market as per below but many of them are varied follow types, size, materials, functions and also color.

– Double Sliding Door Shoe Storage Cabinets
– Pendant Light Cherry Shoe storage cabinet (Double Slide)
– Japanese Kimono Black Crackle Shoe Storage Cabinet
– Cherry wood Venture Horizon Double Shoe Cabinet
– Deluxe Oak Finish Entryway Single Shoe Cabinet

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H. Simone @ 2:32 pm #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by H. Simone for Chesterfield 42″w Shoe Storage Bench W / Sliding Doors, 42″W, BLACK
I bought this for my entryway, for extra shoe storage and car key storage. It came in 2 million pieces, but I managed to put it all together myself and was very pleased with it when done. It is sturdy and we sit on it frequently. One of the 1st things I did was to recover the cushion that came with it – it’s white and cheap fabric. It works perfectly for our space and is not too large.

fashion17 @ 2:47 pm #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by fashion17 for Chesterfield 42″w Shoe Storage Bench W / Sliding Doors, 42″W, BLACK
VERY GOOD PRODUCT, SHIPPING FAST.[[ASIN:B00263L5SK Chesterfield 42″w Shoe Storage Bench W / Sliding Doors, 42″W, CHESTNUT]