Suncast Storage Seat

Suncast Storage Seat

Suncast storage seat is ideal for those apartment-sized green thumbs! When you don’t have a lot of space, organization is key. The Suncast garden storage seat is an ideal way to keep your gardening tools easily accessible when working on your balcony flower boxes, potted herb garden or tomato plants.

This useful storage box also gives you a spot to sit while you’re getting you hands dirty! Can also be useful for holding driveway salt, ice scrapers, gloves and other winter gear in your home’s entryway or porch… or use it to keep all your grilling tools in one spot;

suncast storage seatMade of durable resin construction with stay-dry design to keep contents from getting soggy. Taupe color will suit all sorts of styles and tastes. Measures 22 x 22 x 17″, 22-gallon capacity.

  • Storage seat for holding yard, garden and recreation accessories
  • Flat panel, Wainscot design in taupe
  • Easy 5-minute, assembly (no tools required)
  • Stay-dry design; durable resin construction
  • Measures 24 by 22 by 17 ½ inches (W x D x H)
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suncast storage seat


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Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat Reviews

Jeffrey F. Albert “Wyealbert”

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Product

I needed a small storage seat to place next to my hot tub. It is great for storing chemicals, etc. and provides extra seating on the deck.

Buddy and Mini’s Momma

5.0 out of 5 stars
Perfect for apartments!!

I put this on my small patio, and it is great! It will not hold a large amount of items, but will hold many small items, for example, you could fit a 50 ft. hose, watering can and a couple chair pads, and some rope. It is so simple to put together, a couple quick snaps and your done! No nuts or bolts, but sturdy enough to hold my 245 lbs. husband! I actually bought this at a local Target store, and this is the best price.

K. Levin

4.0 out of 5 stars
Performs its function appropriately for the price

Though this is not a toy box (by which I mean it does NOT include safety features like air holes), it was a cheap solution to my toddler’s accumulation of messy looking toys in the backyard. I didn’t want to carry dirt-encrusted toys into my house, and I couldn’t stand to look at them any longer.

This suncast storage seat comes flat. I assembled it myself in a few minutes without tools. It takes heavy pressure to pop the pieces together, but an average woman like myself can manage it. It looks fine, but it is not perfectly square and smooth. The plastic sides are thin enough that they can flex a bit and be slightly bowed.

The lid is not hinged. It simply sits on top of the box. The lid is not water-tight. If you store it in the open outdoors, objects inside will get wet/damp when it rains. For plastic toys, this hasn’t been a problem for me.

An average size adult can sit on the lid and use it as a bench. It is only wide enough for one person. I don’t know the maximum weight limit, but we’ve put about 175 pounds on it.

I like it well enough that I’m considering getting a larger (wider) suncast storage seat like this for our front porch to hide a snow shovel and sand in the winter, and our beach toys and broom in the summer. I’m trying to find one assembled in a store to check out first, however, because a larger bench could be dangerous unless it is built a bit more sturdily than this small one.