Shoe Storage Chest In Oak

  • Entryway shoe storage chest in oak color finish
  • A perfect solution to your shoe storage needs.
  • The single tier cabinet is decorative with a shaped vacuum formed front.
  • The drawer opens with a shaped pewter colored handle for easy opening.
  • The 1 drawer pivots open on a uniquely designed plastic bracket to 3 fixed shelves that are able to store up to 12 pairs of shoes (Max size men’s 10).
  • Constructed of Composite Board and highly durable PVC laminate.
  • Material: Composite Board with PVC laminate
  • Clean with a dry non abrasive cloth.
  • Dimension: x 29.3″W x 11.3″D 19.3″H
  • Assembly required.
  • shoe storage chest

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shoe storage chest


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Question by Lyssa: Is there anywhere in Florissant, MO that sells cheap furniture?
I’m trying to organize and break more into this home that I live in with my boyfriend. However, we’re still 1/2 in boxes, some of our rooms are full of them (and dog hair) we don’t have any storage devices– heck, we don’t even have a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher.

Since we’re low on money (we’re all young- just out of home with our parents, and own a house…so no spare moneys for us) I’m looking for cheap furniture places. None of those old, stuffy styles (ie, no wood items, nothing fancy- minimalist is preferable). I recently found out there’s no IKEA out here- I didn’t know, since I’m not from around here. Is there anywhere with furniture under a hundred bucks?

We’re looking for a desk/bookshelf/cabinet/CD organizer with drawers that can hold up a mini fridge, a buncha books, two laptops, and fit in a small room. As well as an affordable office chair. Anything over a hundred bucks is out of the question entirely, and we can’t drive out of the state or really out of the city at all since gas is too expensive; we also have small cars.

Along with this, the place will need to contain storage devices (cheap plastic ones), mats, cleaning supplies, something to grab for lunch nearby, and mini shelves to arrange our shoes since we use one huge closet.