Triple Shoe Cabinet – Deluxe White Finish

Triple Shoe Cabinet

There are a lot of things in our life that need to be organized and put into its place and around the home, clutter is one of those things. This is why the triple shoe cabinet is a great space saver that neatly packs your shoes away into a conventional looking bedroom-style cabinet.

It’s a fact that if you keep your house clutter-free then your thinking and organization on a day-to-day basis also becomes clearer. We all know that stress in life can make things hell, and if you see mess in your home all day long then things can appear a little overwhelming. Just imagine, after a hectic day if you find your home clean and neat, your mind would automatically get out from stress.

So, why not start with the organizing of shoes in a triple shoe cabinet to keep them out of sight. There is nothing worse than walking into a room with odd, tangled shoes lying scattered around the floor.
triple shoe cabinetYou may think a shoe rack will help you organize your shoes, but often this can create more mess if you already have a tendency for throwing things around. Putting them into a triple shoe cabinet would not only look prearranged but would free up space and make your room look tidy. Needless to say it adds to the room’s beauty. At once you open your shoes, make sure you slip in them inside the cupboard.

As well as the triple shoe cabinet, there are various different types of shoe cabinets available on the market. They come in different styles, designs and shapes. Say for example when you want to slip your footwear inside, use a cupboard that can be pulled out downward. There are even luxurious and costlier ones where you can easily manage to keep your footwear.

Some like the dress cabinets, which on the whole increases the beauty of your room. The cost will depend on the type you choose. Before purchasing, make sure what your requirements are, and what should be the exact capacity to hold the bulk. Make sure the product/item you buy is properly used and never left behind for you to go back to your old habits.

Triple Shoe Cabinet Features

  • Entryway White Deluxe PVC 3 Doors Triple Shoe Cabinet
  • Entry Way & Foyer
  • Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.
  • Dimension: 29.3″W x 11.3″D x 49.1″H
  • Finish: White
  • Material: Composite Board with PVC laminate
  • Entryway White Deluxe PVC 3 Doors Triple Shoe Cabinet
  • A perfect solution to all of your shoe storage needs.
  • The triple shoe cabinet with doors is decorated with shaped vacuum formed fronts.
  • The drawer opens with a curved pewter colored handle for easy opening.
  • The 3 drawers swivel open on a uniquely designed plastic bracket to 3 fixed shelves that are able to store up 36 pairs of shoes (Max size men’s 10).
  • Constructed of Composite Board and highly durable PVC laminate.
  • Clean with a dry non abrasive cloth.
  • Assembly required

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triple shoe cabinet


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Comments on Triple Shoe Cabinet – Deluxe White Finish

C. Chen @ 11:31 pm #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by C. Chen for Deluxe Triple Shoe Cabinet – White Finish
It’s not too hard to assemble. I assembled it without power tool or help. Make sure that you have a hammer before you started. Usually a city girl doesn’t have a hammer at home, but a city girl definitely needs a shoes cabinet like this. Now the entrance of my door is clear! The shoes cabinet seems very durable. It doesn’t have the look that you feel it’s going to fall apart. Well, it’s two hundred something after tax and shipping. It better lasts! The only thing I’m not happy about is there are some defects on the surface of the cabinet. It seems that some board got hit during the transportation. After I assembled the whole thing, one of the drawer’s eage and a little area of the bottom of the side board looked chipped. Since I paid more than $50 for shipping and handling, I should have gotten a better deliver service! Well, I guess those deliver mem don’t care. I thought of complaint, but I wouldn’t want to get a new set and assemble again…

Young Kim @ 11:45 pm #

Entryway Shoe Storage Review by Young Kim for Deluxe Triple Shoe Cabinet – White Finish
If you have many, many shoes and limited space. This is the product you need. Assembly is easy (Even though I put the back panel reversed and did it again). Only complain I have is the space between the three rows of shelf is so narrow. Tall men’s shoes or running shoes won’t fit. But you can have a lot of lady’s sandals there. It’s a little pricy but what can I do this is the only shoe cabinet that holds so many shoes…